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            Industrial and architectural aluminum profiles

            • 2019-10-30
            • 364

            Aluminum alloy materials of industrial and architectural aluminum profiles have many advantages, such as small density, high ratio of strength to weight, corrosion resistance, good welding performance, low maintenance cost and recyclability, etc., which have been widely used in aerospace, bridge, transportation and other fields, and have attracted more and more interest and attention in structural engineering. In recent years, a lot of aluminum alloy spatial structures and bridges have been built in China, as shown in the figure - the main span of pedestrian overpass in Xidan Business District of Beijing is 38.1m Sichuan; Figure 2. Greenhouse of Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, the length x width x height of the three monomers are 203x33x20.5m, 128x100x17m, and 110x34x14x14m12 respectively. The completion of these projects provides favorable engineering experience and theoretical research foundation for the development of aluminum alloy structure.

            Steel structure and reinforced concrete structure are mainly used in the existing industrial buildings. If aluminum alloy structure can be actively used and promoted, it is of great significance to optimize the overall level of the industry, green buildings and achieve sustainable development.


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