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            • 2019-10-17
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            Automobile lightweight has become the trend of automobile development in the world. The density of aluminum is about 1 / 3 of that of steel. Instead of steel, aluminum can reduce the weight of automobile by 30% ~ 40%, the weight of engine by 30%, the weight of aluminum radiator by 20% ~ 40% and the weight of aluminum wheel by 50%. The lightweight body can greatly improve the speed and handling ability of the car, and the high-strength aluminum alloy can also bring higher safety performance.

            Jinlong aluminum has a full range of capabilities from independent design to manufacturing and processing of all aluminum new energy vehicles, and has made important breakthroughs in vehicle design, integrated design of aluminum alloy battery framework, etc. The company has successfully developed brand-new aluminum parts or vehicle body for many customers in the field of transportation, and has prepared abundant resources for the long-term development of further processing, so as to make necessary investment and capacity construction in time.


            period 2019.10.17


            High-speed rail 2019.10.17
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